Sanitary conditions at Taiwan hiking trail addressed

Mianyue Line will now have latrines at multiple locations

(Chiayi Forest District Office photo)

(Chiayi Forest District Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Chiayi Forest District Office has cleaned up the Mianyue Line (眠月線) on Alishan in Chiayi County and is installing large latrine pits at two spots where hikers like to camp after concerns about sanitary conditions on the trail were raised.

The Mianyue Line, which was part of the Alishan Forest Railway system, has been closed since the 921 Earthquake in 1999. The now-defunct railway line has long been hailed as a special place for its elevated bridges and stunning primeval landscapes.

Nowadays it has been converted into a hiking trail. However, along with visitors has come pollution.

Workers have as of late begun to regularly clean up the trail, according to a forest district office press release. Sheltered latrine pits are also being installed beside the Tashan and Shihou stations, with minimal environmental impact.

The office urged hikers to help maintain the toilet facilities and to avoid tossing kitchen waste or other garbage into the pits.

Worker carrying building material up mountain. (Chiayi Forest District Office photo)

The Mianyue Line
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The Mianyue Line (
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