Missing woman with mental disability found in central Taiwan after 2 days

Xiao Hui found in convenience store, help from public instrumental in locating her

(Taichung Social Affairs Bureau photo)

(Taichung Social Affairs Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taichung woman with a mental disability who went missing after getting off the wrong bus stop has been found at a convenience store, according to a CNA report on Monday (July 27).

The Taichung Social Affairs Bureau said that Xiao Hui (小慧), 39, is unable to speak and had no cellphone the day she disappeared; she only carried a contact book for Taichung's association of parents with mentally disabled children (台中市智障者家長協會). After leaving the association at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, she took Fengyuan Bus 55, but as there were no records of her disembarking, locating her had proven difficult.

Xiao Hui's parents, both in their 70s, had been braving the heat looking for their daughter along the bus route after she went missing. They were unable to sleep for two days and reportedly both lost their voices after continuously calling out for their daughter.

After the media reported their story, the social affairs bureau said on Sunday that it received reports that Xiao Hui had been spotted at a convenience store in Fengyuan, per CNA.

Help from the public was key to finding Xiao Hui in such a short period of time, the bureau said, thanking everyone who assisted in the search on behalf of her family. It was reported that when Xiao Hui was found, she had spent nearly three days without food and water.

Though she was tired and hungry, she kept walking, hoping to find her way home, reports said.