Taiwanese MLB player draws media attention for batting with face mask

Taiwan baseball player Lin 'Tzunami' Tzu-Wei records first hit of season on MLB opening day

Taiwanese baseball player Lin Tzu-Wei hitting with mask on. (Twitter, Oshun Oxtra photo)

Taiwanese baseball player Lin Tzu-Wei hitting with mask on. (Twitter, Oshun Oxtra photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese baseball player Lin Tzu-wei (林子偉) of the Boston Red Sox was in the spotlight for Friday's (July 24) opening game after he wore a face mask while batting at the plate.

As baseball fans around the world welcomed back the Major League Baseball (MLB) for its season opening, the Taiwanese infielder drew media attention for wearing a mask against the coronavirus pandemic raging in the U.S. Coming on in the bottom of the 7th inning to pinch hit against the Baltimore Orioles, Lin became the first player on either team to wear a face mask on the field.

Jason Mastrodonato from the Boston Herald mentioned Lin wearing a mask in a Twitter post while pointing out that he is from Taiwan, a country that has so far only reported seven COVID-19 deaths. MLB insider Chris Cotillo from MassLive also took to Twitter to share his observations on Lin wearing a face mask.

According to UDN, Lin was able to record his first hit of the 2020 MLB season with a single. He also initiated a quick double play in the top of the 8th inning before the Red Sox went on to win with a 13-2 score.

Nicknamed "Tzunami," Lin was one of two Taiwanese players able to make the MLB opening day roster. The other player Yu Chang (張育成) of the Cleveland Indians did not get the opportunity to play on Friday (July 24) but showed promising progress during his rookie season with the team last year.

Lin Tzu-wei of the Boston Red Sox. (CNA photo)