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Photo of the Day: 'Hulk's Home' in S. Taiwan

Decaying, vine-covered building in Tainan becomes popular spot for Instagrammers

"Hulk's House." (Instagram, @molly888666 photo)

"Hulk's House." (Instagram, @molly888666 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An old abandoned building overrun with vines in southern Taiwan's Tainan City has become a pilgrimage spot for Instagrammers.

The terraced house, which is located next to the Xinhua Golf Course in Tainan's Xinhua District, has become so overrun with bright green vines that Taiwanese netizens have given it the nickname "Hulk's Home." Instagram user molly888666, who visited the building in June, described it as looking like a "stack of fried seaweed pancakes."

Photo of the Day: 'Hulk's Home' in S. Taiwan
"Hulk's Home." (Google Maps image)

Much of the facade of the building, which was built over 43 years ago, is exposed to the elements. As the building was damaged by an earthquake and there are no windows or railing, the owner of the property has posted a sign warning visitors not to enter. However, many Instagrammers have been spotted taking photos from inside the upper floors.

Photo of the Day: 'Hulk's Home' in S. Taiwan
Tourist spotted standing above red warning sign. (CNA photo)

The elderly woman who owns the building, who is surnamed Lin (林) told FTV News that after her husband passed away, she did not have the money to finish construction on the building. She said that much of the building materials were stolen, leaving only bricks and cement.

The first floor of the structure suffered extensive damage during the 2010 and 2016 Kaohsiung earthquakes. There is also significant subsidence in the building.

Xinhua District Chief Wu Chin-Hsi (吳金喜) told the news station that several cars were damaged by falling debris from the building during the previous earthquake. Wu warned that the building has structural safety issues and that tourists should exercise caution when taking photos around it.

Photo of the Day: 'Hulk's Home' in S. Taiwan
"Hulk's Home." (Instagram, @molly888666)

Updated : 2022-01-25 01:30 GMT+08:00