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Independence groups support having only ‘Taiwan’ on passport

Organizations also pushing for China Airlines name change as well as judicial reform

Groups pushing for Taiwanese passport redesign.

Groups pushing for Taiwanese passport redesign. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Pro-independence groups on Monday (July 20) called for changes to Taiwan’s passport, the name of China Airlines, and the country’s judicial system.

Members of the Taiwan Society, Taiwan Society Hakka, Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan, Taiwan Jury Association, Lee Teng-hui Association for Democracy, Taiwan Republic Office, and other groups held a press conference on Monday morning to push for the changes, CNA reported. They put forward three demands.

First, they want an overhaul of the Taiwanese passport, which currently has the words “Republic of China” in English and Mandarin on the cover, along with the Kuomintang (KMT) party emblem. The groups suggested replacing “Republic of China” to just “Taiwan” in both languages and changing the KMT party emblem to a map of Taiwan instead.

Their second demand is to officially change the name of “China Airlines” — the nation’s flag carrier — to “Taiwan Airlines.” While Taiwan has been donating masks around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic, sending shipments on China Airlines planes has caused confusion on several occasions, with the airline also having been mistaken for a Chinese carrier by Bloomberg and even a political ad in the U.S.

Finally, the groups suggested that judicial trials in Taiwan should be decided by the people and that the nation should adopt a jury system. They said that guilt or innocence should be decided by the citizens, while judges should be responsible for sentencing.

According to CNA, Executive Yuan Spokesperson Ting I-ming (丁怡銘) said that relevant ministries are currently gathering opinions on designs for the passport cover, China Airlines fuselage, and business cards for Taiwanese diplomats.