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Taiwan Power Lottery jackpot to surge to NT$2.5 billion

Power Lottery numbers to be announced Thursday evening, lottery has gone 46 draws without winner

Taiwan Power Lottery jackpot to surge to NT$2.5 billion

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The winning Power Lottery (威力彩) numbers were announced on Monday evening (July 20), with the new jackpot expected to hit NT$2.5 billion (US$84.9 million) and the government urging the public to use their stimulus vouchers to try their luck.

The winning numbers for Monday’s Power Lottery were 37, 20, 15, 26, 04, 22, with a special number of 01. The numbers are drawn twice a week on Monday and Thursday.

The Power Lottery, also known as Super Lotto, has now gone 46 draws in a row without a person claiming the prize. The next draw will take place on Thursday evening (July 23) at 8:30 p.m., when the jackpot is expected to swell to NT$2.5 billion.

To promote the use of Taiwan's stimulus vouchers, the Taiwan Lottery is offering special ticket packs priced NT$200, NT$500, NT$700, and NT$3,000 to be compatible with the vouchers which come in denominations of NT$200 and NT$500.

In order to win the Power Lottery jackpot, an individual must be able to match all six numbers in the first row of the ticket and the one number in the second section. If a person wins the jackpot on Thursday evening, it will be the largest lottery prize this year.