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Short film promotes tourism in Taichung, Taiwan

'Taichung. The Heart of Taiwan' covers list of must-see destinations in C. Taiwan city

(Wikipedia photo)

(Wikipedia photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The city of Taichung released a short film earlier this month that promotes 58 attractions and festivities in the city.

In a press conference to announce the short film, which is titled "Taichung. The Heart of Taiwan," Taichung Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu (令狐榮達) said that the video's list of attractions includes Gaomei Wetland, Li Shuei Fish Harbor, Lishan, the Wufeng Lin Family Residence, and various garden restaurants in the city. Linghu recommended that visitors take a walking tour of the city, setting out from Taichung Park.

In addition, Taichung is promoting a free travel e-book that introduces must-see attractions in the city's 29 districts, including information such as maps, addresses, telephone numbers, business hours, and URLs. The e-book has been translated into English, Japanese, and Korean.

The deputy mayor added that he has traveled to almost every place mentioned in the e-book but that he will keep exploring. To download it for free, visit this site.

For more information about Taichung tourism, refer to the Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau website or Facebook page. To download a travel app for Taichung, visit this site.

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Short film promotes tourism in Taichung, Taiwan
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