Photo of the Day: Taiwan NT$1,000 bill vs. real Yushan

Photographer perfectly aligns illustration of Yushan from NT$1,000 note with real thing

(Reddit user IB-45 photo)

(Reddit user IB-45 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A photographer captured this image matching an illustration of Yushan's main peak on the NT$1,000 (US$34) note with the real thing.

Last week, Reddit user IB-45 captured a photo showing the left half of the main peak of Yushan on the NT$1,000 bill perfectly aligned with the real-life mountain. The photographer told Taiwan News that the image was taken from Yushan's north peak.

When asked about the inspiration behind the composition, the photographer said they had always wanted to see the mountain in person. When the photographer was able to visit it last week, they "wanted to piece together [their] imagination of the place and the actual place."

The photographer also suggested taking similar photos of other famous landmarks featured on Taiwan's currency, including Chungshan Hall seen on the NT$100 bill, the Presidential Office Building depicted on the NT$200 bill, and Dabajian Mountain portrayed on the NT$500 bill.