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TSMC says no plans at present to build chip factory with Japan

Japanese newspaper says Tokyo planning to invite TSMC to build joint chip foundry

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Japanese media on Sunday (July 19) said that the country is planning to invite Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to jointly build an advanced chip manufacturing plant, however, TSMC said Monday (July 20) that no plans are currently in place.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan plans to invite TSMC or other global chipmakers to build a foundry with Japanese chip equipment suppliers, Reuters reported. With advanced chip technologies becoming a focal point in national security, the Japanese government wants the help of global chipmakers to rejuvenate the lagging domestic chip industry, Yomiuri said.

Without citing any sources, the Japanese report said the government is planning to offer several billion dollars over multiple years to overseas chip producers who join the project. The paper did not give a timeline for the project.

In response to the report, TSMC said at noon on Monday that while it did not rule out the possibility of future cooperation, there are no present plans for any project with Tokyo.