Hike scenic route on Taipei’s Yangmingshan

Toward end of route, sea views are visible on clear day

(Taiwan News, George Liao photo)

(Taiwan News, George Liao photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A 6.4-kilometer hike from the Qingtiangang grassland to Fengguikou in the Yangmingshan National Park takes hikers through a variety of dazzling scenery and provides the perfect amount of exercise.

The stone-paved trail starts from the Qingtiangang Visitor Center on the edge of the grassland (elevation 757 meters) and follows the undulating hilly terrain to reach Fengguikou at the border of Taipei's Neihu and New Taipei's Wanli. After a couple of kilometers, hikers will reach the highest point of the trail at Mt. Shiti (elevation 865 meters); the mountaintop offers an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Soon after descending from the top of Mt. Shiti, hikers will be greeted by a stunning view of open grassland sloping down the hillside. After passing this area, the trail winds through open country peppered with grassy fields and short shrubs before the so-called Black Forest comes into view, which consists of groves of tall planted Japanese cedar.

From here the trail follows gently rolling hills before reaching the top of Mt. Ding, which has expansive views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The trail then goes downhill for 2 kilometers to reach Fengguikou.

Sea views of the northern coast, including Keelung Islet, can be enjoyed in the last stretch of the trail on a sunny day.

If hikers want to take a bus home, they can walk down the highway to the Fengguikou stop to take the public light bus 1 (four daily buses). They can also hike back to the Qingtiangang Visitor Center to take bus S15 or 108 down the mountain.

For more information about the trail, please visit this site.

(Taiwan News, George Liao photos)