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Biden safer bet for survival of Taiwan’s independence: Washington Post columnist

Trump willing to sacrifice small allies: Ghitis

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden 

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Democrat Joe Biden in the White House is a safer bet than incumbent President Donald Trump to protect Taiwan against China, according to an opinion piece in the Washington Post published Wednesday (July 15).

The challenger in the November presidential election is “committed to the status quo in Taiwan,” wrote Frida Ghitis, a former CNN producer and correspondent, in an opinion piece titled “Can Taiwan survive a second Trump term?”

He has spoken out “forcefully” against China’s treatment of its Uyghur minority and in favor of Taiwan’s “thriving democracy,” Ghitis wrote. She added that Biden’s determination to hark back to the pre-Trump foreign policy of “safeguarding U.S. alliances and valuing democracy” alone would be enough to “give Beijing pause before acting against Taiwan."

The island nation stands at the “intersection of two ominous trends," she wrote, pointing to China’s aggressive international behavior and Trump’s isolationism and disregard for allies. She referred to comments from former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s recent book about Trump’s apparent willingness to give up on small allies as a possible risk for Taiwan’s position.

While the current president often produces hawkish talk, he doesn’t always follow it up with tough action, the former CNN producer wrote, concluding that he might value large trading partners more.