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Taiwan FDA to impose new restrictions on food parcels from overseas

Fines of up to NT$3 million for excessive food imports not for personal use

Checks at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 

Checks at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Food parcels imported by travelers or by mail order will no longer be allowed to exceed six kilograms or a maximum value of NT$30,000 (US$1,000) per day, with violators to be fined up to NT$3 million, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday (July 15).

The new measure specifically mentions baby food and other food products targeting children, Liberty Times reported. There will also be a maximum limit of 30 kg per person per year for the foods in powder form, while liquids fall under a maximum of 200 kg per year.

The new totals are designed to discourage private citizens from evading customs and food quality control measures by importing large quantities by mail, or personally, to sell at a profit inside Taiwan, reports said.

Travelers returning from overseas with large quantities of food products need to fill out the necessary forms to speed up the passage through customs, according to the FDA. The key element is to prove that the foods are for personal use and not for sale.

In the case of an individual bringing back baby food and other foods, the two types of product would be treated separately under the new measures, Liberty Times quoted an FDA official as saying.