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Taiwanese Army conducts defense drill at Tamsui River

Taiwan's Guandu Area Command holds exercise at Tamsui River, various military hardware used

CM-34 Clouded Leopard (Military News Agency photo)

CM-34 Clouded Leopard (Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Guandu Area Command on Tuesday afternoon (July 14) conducted a river defense exercise using various military hardware to deny the enemy from entering the Tamsui River.

As part of the 6th Army Command, the Guandu Area Command is responsible for the security of the Tamsui River and protecting the political and economic hub of greater Taipei.

The Tamsui estuary is a strategic defensive location for the military, as it is about 8 km from Guandu Bridge and only 20 km from the nation's political and economic hub. It is understood that the military plans to blow up the Guandu Bridge in the event of an attack and use the rubble to block the enemy from advancing upstream, CNA reported.

According to the Military News Agency (MNA), the Guandu Area Command conducted a combat drill at the Tamsui River on the second day of Han Kuang 36, in which imaginary enemy forces attempted to use the river to enter the greater Taipei area. After the area command received orders, it quickly liaised with local police and civil defense teams to delay the enemy's advancement with man-made obstructions and firepower to successfully eliminate the invading force.

At the start of the exercise, the enemy's situation was obtained and analyzed by the area command. The Guandu command's senior officer immediately implemented an operation plan and ordered troops to take a position to complete combat preparations and continue scanning the surrounding water and air for any enemy movement.

Once the enemy entered within firing range, the commander issued the order to shoot, and the first line of defensive forces unleashed a barrage of bullets at the enemy. At the same time, CM-11 tanks and other vehicles successfully prevented the invasion of the enemy with unrelenting firepower.

The entire exercise was a realistic scenario and fully demonstrated the fruition of daily training, the MNA stated. The agency added that the CPC Corporation — Taiwan's state-owned oil and gas company — provided logistical support, allowing the drill to proceed without a hitch.

Aside from facilitating the integration of military and civilian logistics, this drill allowed officers and soldiers to experience battlefield conditions, strengthened their professional skills, and enhanced the overall combat capability of the Guandu Area Command.