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Tropical depression impacting Taiwan today

Tropical depression likely to bring thunderstorms, strong winds to southern, eastern Taiwan

(CWB satellite image)

(CWB satellite image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) predicts that a tropical depression churning toward Taiwan today (July 15) will bring rain to southern and eastern Taiwan.

The CWB said that as a tropical depression swirls off the coast of southeastern Taiwan, showers, thunderstorms, and strong wind gusts are likely in Taitung County and other parts of the south. In the afternoon, the weather bureau predicts that mountainous areas of northern and northeastern Taiwan could see thunderstorms and sudden downpours.

The rest of the country will see partly cloudy to sunny skies during the day, with highs in the south and southeast reaching 32 to 33 degrees Celsius and the north seeing highs climb to 36 degrees. The CWB stated that the southwesterly winds combined with moisture from the tropical depression will increase the amount of moisture in the air, possibly bringing showers to central Taiwan in the morning.

On his Facebook page, Weather Risk forecaster Lai Chung-wei (賴忠瑋) said today that what had started as a tropical disturbance had strengthened to become a tropical depression after it entered the Bashi Channel on Tuesday (July 14). However, he said the probability of it developing into a tropical storm is not high, as the surrounding environment is not favorable.

Tropical depression impacting Taiwan today
CWB map of tropical depression's projected path.

Presently, the center of the tropical depression is near the southeast coast, and it is expected to gradually move northward off the coast of eastern Taiwan today, according to Lai. He said it will have its greatest impact on the country today, as it will be at its closest.

He predicted that the storm will gradually shift away from Taiwan, weaken, and merge into a northern frontal cloud system on Thursday (July 16).

Lai said that since its path is northward, the areas most affected will be eastern and southern Taiwan, with the southwest also affected by the periphery and convective cloud system. Lai said that showers and bursts of heavy rain are likely today in the eastern half and southern part of the country.

Tropical depression impacting Taiwan today
CWB true-color satellite image.

Rainfall in the eastern half of the country will gradually lessen after nightfall today, while rain in the south will continue until Thursday, predicted Lai. He advised residents midway on the east coast of the possibility of evening showers.

From this evening until Thursday, Lai said rain will be likely in central and southern Taiwan. He said the main reason is that although the tropical depression will shift away, the southwest winds will increase slightly.

As a result, Lai predicted that rainfall will be likely in central and southern Taiwan at night due to the interaction of the southwest winds and sea breezes. Lai said that due to the influence of the southwest wind, central and southern Taiwan will still be prone to brief bursts of rain during the day on Thursday.

From the second half of Thursday to Friday (July 17), the rain will gradually subside and Taiwan will likely return to stable, hot weather due to the presence of a Pacific high-pressure ridge.