Video shows Taiwan Foodpanda driver sneak sip from customer's drink

Surveillance camera footage reveals Foodpanda deliveryman drank from customer's beverage

Deliveryman drinking from cup. (Facebook, Tammy Loves Korea screenshot)

Deliveryman drinking from cup. (Facebook, Tammy Loves Korea screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Monday (July 13) showing a Foodpanda deliveryman secretly taking a sip from a customer's drink while in an elevator.

On Monday, a female blogger who goes by the handle "Tammy" (太咪) on her Facebook page Tammy Loves Korea posted a video of a Foodpanda deliveryman helping himself to a drink meant for a customer. On the post, the blogger wrote that her boyfriend had ordered takeout through Foodpanda at noon that day.

Later, while the building administrator was searching surveillance video after a complaint had been filed for littering in the elevator, he inadvertently discovered the deliveryman's brazen, thirst-quenching act. Tammy wrote that when they heard the news from the building supervisor, her boyfriend had already finished off his beverage.

Driver lifting lid to customer's beverage. (Facebook, Tammy Loves Korea)

Angered at the footage, Tammy decided to post the video on her Facebook page and seek advice from her followers. She wrote that some friends hoped that the driver would be severely punished, especially amid the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"Despite the epidemic, you still casually do this, that's going too far. Are you really that thirsty?" she wrote. Netizens were enraged by the deliveryman's behavior:

"He's completely destroyed the trust between drivers and customers."

"Acting like this shows such a lack of professional ethics."

"In the future, don't buy a drink with a lid, order one that has a plastic seal."

"Who would dare order drinks delivered after this?"

Driver drinking directly from customer's beverage. (Facebook, Tammy Loves Korea)

Foodpanda later stated that it had contacted the deliveryman in the video and informed him that he had seriously violated the terms of service, reported UDN. It then claimed that it terminated its contract with the driver.

When one netizen asked if the drink actually belonged to the driver, Tammy wrote that surveillance camera footage outside the elevator showed the deliveryman handing the same drink to her boyfriend. She chose not to include that footage, however, because it showed her friend, and he did want to have his image on the internet.

Tammy added that she appreciated the concern expressed by netizens and believed that this was an isolated incident. However, she cautioned against generalizing the incident to all food delivery drivers by saying "We should not tar all of them with the same brush."