Three Gorges Dam scared Taiwan’s Delta off investing in Wuhan

Dam was built before climate change became apparent: Delta founder Bruce Cheng

Three Gorges Dam floodgates in Yichang, China 

Three Gorges Dam floodgates in Yichang, China  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Delta Electronics, Inc. did not accept invitations to invest in the Chinese city of Wuhan because it was worried about the safety of the Three Gorges Dam, according to the company founder.

Large parts of China have been battered by torrential rain and widespread flooding, leading to Chinese experts questioning whether the dam, once hailed as the world’s largest engineering project, would be able to withstand the onslaught of extreme weather.

Speaking at a forum in Taiwan recently, Delta founder Bruce Cheng (鄭崇華) said he has been following developments in China recently. While his company has repeatedly been asked to invest in the Wuhan region, it has always refused, and one of the reasons was concern over the stability of the dam, the Liberty Times reported.

It might have been designed the right way for the situation at the time, but climate change has made extreme weather more common, he said, adding that there are doubts about whether the dam could withstand extreme weather caused by global warming.