Taiwan reports 2 new imported coronavirus cases from Oman, US

Man who worked in Oman, woman who worked in US test positive for coronavirus after returning to Taiwan

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Friday (July 10) announced two new imported cases of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), one from Oman and one from the U.S.

The CECC on Friday announced there were two new imported cases of coronavirus, raising the total number of cases in Taiwan to 451. The latest cases include a woman in her 20s (case No. 450) and a man in his 50s (case No. 451).

Case No. 450 had been working in the U.S. for an extended period of time, having most recently departed from Taiwan in October 2018. When she returned to Taiwan on July 5 this year, she did not report feeling unwell.

However, while undergoing home quarantine on July 7, she began to experience general fatigue and muscle soreness. The health department arranged for her to be tested for COVID-19 on July 8 and she was diagnosed with the disease on July 10.

The health department has identified 35 people who have recently come into contact with the woman, including two family members, 22 passengers who sat in the rows closest to her, and 11 crew members from her flight. The 22 passengers are undergoing home isolation while the crew members have been asked to begin self-health management.

According to the CECC, case No. 451 had been working in Oman for an extended period, with his most recent departure from Taiwan being November of 2019. On July 2, the man developed a fever.

The man took antipyretic medication and did not seek medical attention while overseas. On July 8 the man boarded a plane in Oman, transferred through Dubai, and arrived in Taiwan that same day.

Upon arrival, the man told quarantine officers he had been experiencing discomfort in recent days. Quarantine staff administered a coronavirus test and then dispatched him to a quarantine center.

On July 10, the man was confirmed to have COVID-19 and was placed in a hospital isolation ward. The health department has identified a total of 39 people who recently came into contact with case No. 451, including 22 passengers seated closest to him, and 17 crew members.

The passengers have been told to undergo home isolation. As the crew members are foreign nationals who did not technically enter Taiwan's borders, the CEEC has notified the health department of their country through the World Health Organization's National IHR Focal Point.

The CECC on Friday did not announce any new reports of people with suspected symptoms. Since the outbreak began, Taiwan has carried out 78,212 COVID-19 tests, with 77,214 coming back negative.

Taiwan has now extended its streak of no new local infections to 93 days, with the last local case reported on April 8. Out of 451 total confirmed cases, 360 were imported, 55 were local, and 36 came from the Navy's "Goodwill Fleet."

Up until now, seven individuals have succumbed to the disease, while 438 have been released from hospital isolation. This leaves only six people still undergoing treatment for COVID-19 in Taiwan.