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Special forces teams to conduct joint drill during 36th Han Kuang exercise

Military Police Command, National Police Agency, Coast Guard special units to conduct anti-hijacking drills for first time

Military Police Special Services Company (Presidential Office photo)

Military Police Special Services Company (Presidential Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Military sources on Thursday (July 9) said the Military Police Command, National Police Agency, and Coast Guard will dispatch their own special forces to conduct joint anti-hijacking drills.

Military personnel told CNA Thursday afternoon that in order to simulate senior officials being captured and important government agencies being attacked by the enemy, the Military Police Special Services Company (aka Night Hawks), National Police Agency’s Special Operations Group (aka Thunder Squad), and the Coast Guard Administration’s Special Task Unit will train together for the first time, CNA reported

The exercise will be held next week, and its location will not be limited to the Presidential Office and its environs, but will also include different terrains and places.

The 36th Han Kuang military exercise, which will feature live-fire drills and joint battalions, is scheduled to last from July 13-17. Meanwhile, computer simulations will be conducted from Sept. 14-18 to hone commanders’ combat decision-making skills and gauge officer capabilities.

In addition to coastal drills, such as anti-beach landing and air defense maneuvers, there will also be defensive drills held at Tamsui River and Taipei Port. The Tamsui estuary is a strategic defensive location for the military, as it is about 8 kilometers from Guandu Bridge and only 20 km from the nation’s political and economic hub.