Taiwan Forestry Bureau to launch daily trips to five national forest recreation areas

Bureau teaming up with travel agency to roll out 20 itineraries to five forest recreation areas

(Forestry Bureau photo)

(Forestry Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — With no second-wave spikes in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases having been reported in the country, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau announced on Wednesday (July 8) that it has teamed up with Lion Travel Service Co. to launch trips to five national forest recreation areas, starting from August 1.

The five national forest recreation areas are Neidong, Basianshan, Dasyueshan, Aowanda, and Taipingshan, according to a Forestry Bureau press release on Wednesday (July 8).

As the forest recreation areas are usually located in mountainous areas, bus services to some of them are unavailable. Therefore, it is important to team up with a reliable travel agency, according to the bureau.

Forestry Bureau Director-General Lin Hua-ching (林華慶) said that the bureau had planned to work with Lion Travel Service last year to design travel packages to national forest recreation areas to promote green tourism. However, the plan was interrupted by the Wuhan coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc on the world economy, especially on the travel industry, Lin added.

The Forestry Bureau is teaming up again with the travel agency to roll out 20 itineraries to the five forest recreation areas, 11 of which will be departing every day.

Gifts will be handed out to those who register for any of the trips. For information about the trips, please visit this site. For related information, please refer to the Taiwan Forest Recreation site.

(Forest Bureau video)

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Neidong National Forest Recreation Area

Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area

Dasyuesha National Forest Recreation Area

Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area (Forestry Bureau photos)