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Boyfriend of Taipei cosplay flasher claims wind blew up skirt

College student claims only boyfriend took nude photos at cosplay event

Lee (center) posing for photographer. (Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)

Lee (center) posing for photographer. (Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A college student who stirred controversy by flashing cosplay event attendees in Taipei over the weekend on Tuesday (July 7) appeared at the police department for questioning.

On Saturday (July 4), during the Petit Fancy 32, which was held at the Expo Dome of the Taipei Expo Park, a 23-year-old woman surnamed Li (李) struck a number of poses that exposed her nude lower body to a crowd of onlookers and photographers. After police were notified of the incident, they began to investigate her for public indecency (公然猥褻罪).

At 3:20 p.m. on Monday (July 6), Li and her 31-year-old boyfriend, surnamed Lo (駱), appeared at the Yuanshan Police Station to explain her actions. Police listed Lo as a related party and included him in their questioning.

Lo claimed that he had warned Li about the risk of public exposure. He said that it was only when she turned around or the wind blew that her buttocks were revealed and that it was not intentional, reported SET News.

Boyfriend of Taipei cosplay flasher claims wind blew up skirt
Li posing for photo outside of cosplay exhibition. (Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)

Li contradicted Lo by saying that she had a "habit of not wearing underwear," reported ETtoday. She then swore that only Lo took photos of her that day.

However, police doubt the couple's explanation because they found indecent photos of Li taken at the event showing her exposing her private parts in various poses. There is also evidence that several other persons captured similar photos.

After speaking with the couple, police expressed reservations about Lo's claim that Lee unintentionally exposed herself to onlookers. They will also investigate whether Lo had deliberately posted the photos online or whether members of the public had captured and shared the photos.

In addition, some of the photos show Lee deliberately lifting her skirt or opening her legs. Police are continuing to investigate her for committing public indecency based on their preliminary findings.