China inches toward 'liberating' Taiwan after HK security law: Washington Post

Head Chinese think tank claims Beijing could invade Taiwan sometime in 2021

(Twitter, Stanford University image)

(Twitter, Stanford University image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The recent passage of the controversial Hong Kong national security law could serve as Beijing's blueprint for solving the "Taiwan problem," according to a Washington Post editorial.

In an opinion piece published Tuesday (July 7), the news agency's former bureau chief in Beijing, John Pomfret, pointed out that the new legislation allows Beijing to overrule Hong Kong's legal system and silence those critical of the central government. He noted that the law not only targets residents of the special administrative region but also individuals worldwide who advocate for Hong Kong's independence.

Pomfret said the law could offer a potential model of how Beijing would deal with Taiwan. He also quoted China's Modern Think-Tank Forum President Li Su (李肅), who is a strong advocate for taking Taiwan by force, as saying that the national security law was a critical step in the Chinese liberation of the island nation and that the invasion would occur sometime around 2021.

Pomfret recalled meeting Li in 2019 and said he was appalled by the hardliner's determination to control Taiwan, even if war is required. He said Li has described Hong Kong's security law as Beijing's "test case" for solving cross-strait issues while warning that all democracy activists and student leaders in Taiwan would be brought to China for sentencing.

Pomfret remarked that global leaders are growing more aware of the threat posed by Beijing and have protested against its crackdown on Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the majority of Taiwanese are opposed to their country becoming part of China as well as the "one country, two systems" framework so actively touted by the CCP, he added.

Updated : 2021-04-18 23:58 GMT+08:00