Photo of the Day: 'Shell' spotted over Taiwan's Turtle Island

Taiwan's Turtle Island seen with perfect 'shell'

(Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)

(Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An unusually low cloud was spotted covering Turtle Island (龜山島, Guishan Island) over the weekend, prompting some to deem it the turtle's "shell," while older residents indicated that it is a good way to forecast the local weather.

On Saturday (July 4), a member of the Facebook group Baofei Commune (爆廢公社) posted a photo of Turtle Island covered by an oval-shaped cloud that seemed to be a perfect fit as the "turtle's" missing carapace. In the post, the Facebook user simply wrote "Today the turtle finally has a shell."

The post soon gained 26,000 likes and numerous comments. Many were impressed with the fanciful scene: "The monkey king should train here," "It's actually a flying saucer," and "It has the feeling of the Turtle Island immortal."

However, other long-time residents of the area said that it is a sign that rain is coming: "If Turtle Island has a hat, it will rain in Yilan," "Usually if there is a shell, it will rain," "It's time to prepare for heavy rain."

Turtle Island is the only active volcano in Taiwan and is located off the northeastern coast of Yilan County. The island was populated from the Qing Dynasty until 1977, when its residents were moved to Toucheng Township to convert the island into a military base.

The base was closed down in 2000, and the island has since opened for tourism. Those wishing to visit the island can take a boat from Wushih Harbor in Yilan.

Cloud over Turtle Island. (Facebook, Baofei Commune photo)