1st pedestrian swing bridge in Taiwan to be inaugurated Monday in Kaohsiung

Bridge spacious enough for 550 people to cross at once, boasts lookout to provide scenic view

(Taiwan International Ports Corporation photo)

(Taiwan International Ports Corporation photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s first pedestrian swing bridge, which now connects Kaohsiung's Peng-lai Commercial Harbor area with the Pier-2 Art Center, will be inaugurated on Monday (July 6).

The Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) spent a total of NT$320 million (US$10.67 million) to build the Dagang Bridge, which is located at Kaohsiung Port's Pier No. 3. TIPC Chairman Lee Hsien-yi (李賢義) said that the bridge is not only the first pedestrian swing bridge in Taiwan but also the longest cross-harbor swing bridge in Asia, according to CNA.

Dagang Bridge is 110 meters in length and varies in width from 5-11 meters. The bridge allows for 550 pedestrians and cyclists to cross at the same time, shortening the walking time between the Peng-lai Commercial Harbor area and Pier-2 Art Center by 30 minutes, CNA said, adding that it takes five minutes to complete a pivot of the bridge's turning span.

The uniquely designed bridge also boasts a scenic lookout at its center that affords an extensive view of the expansive harbor, incoming and outgoing ships, and waterfront high-rises. The bridge is expected to become a new hot spot in the city, per CNA.

Monday afternoon's inauguration ceremony will be jointly presided over by Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) and acting Kaohsiung mayor Yang Ming-jou (楊明州).

(Taiwan International Ports Corporation photo)