Google, TSMC dream companies for engineering students in Taiwan: Survey

Universum reveals lists of top employers for students from Taiwan's leading universities


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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A recent survey coinciding with the graduation period shows Taiwanese students majoring in engineering/IT view Google as the most attractive employer, followed by national crown jewel Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The survey of Taiwan's emerging talent pool, undertaken by employer branding firm Universum, collected the opinions of over 3,400 students from the nation's top universities.

Google has emerged as the most ideal employer for Taiwan's business, engineering/IT, and natural sciences students; local champion TSMC closely follows among engineering students. Among others named among the top 10 ideal employers for engineering/IT students are Apple, Microsoft, MediaTek, Industrial Technology Research Institute, EVA Air, LINE Corporation, Foxconn, and IBM.

Google retains the crown spot on the top 10 list for business majors, followed by Apple, Taiwan department store operator Eslite Spectrum Corporation, EVA Air, LINE Corporation, China Airlines, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, Shopee, L'Oréal Group, and Microsoft.

Among the young talent surveyed, natural sciences students have the highest salary expectations at NT$551,018 (US$18,707) a year; followed by engineering/IT students at NT$548,824; and business students at just NT$456,930. The data also shows that male students expect to earn 15 percent more in entry salary than their female counterparts.

Local students share a lot in common with their international peers when talking about an ideal employer, said Dora Kuo, regional client partner and employer branding advisor for Universum APAC. She said: "They are attracted to employers who have a vibrant culture and who excel in training and developing their workplace."

However, cultural differences played a role in the survey, as highly rated employer TSMC is favored for its prestigious reputation, high salary, and benefits, Kuo added. In April, TSMC announced a 3 to 5 percent pay raise for its workers for the fifth consecutive year, despite the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entry-level monthly salary for a master's degree holder will be NT$48,130 (US$1,619), up from NT$46,600 last year at the company. The starting wage for college graduates is NT$32,530, a slight increase of NT$30 from a year earlier; those without a college or higher-level diploma will be paid NT$30,050 a month.

The world's largest semiconductor foundry, however, is not the highest-paying semiconductor company listed on Taiwan's main board. According to TechNews, the average annual salary for MediaTek employees was NT$2.92 million last year, which was the highest in the industry.

The top 50 employers for Taiwan's engineering/IT students:

The top 50 employers for Taiwan's business students:

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