Pre-orders for Taiwan's stimulus vouchers start today

Taiwan's stimulus vouchers can be pre-ordered online and at convenience stores July 1

Printed stimulus vouchers.

Printed stimulus vouchers. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Pre-orders for Taiwan's stimulus vouchers started at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning (July 1), with the vouchers to become valid starting on July 15.

This month, Taiwan is launching its "Triple Stimulus Voucher" program to help stimulate Taiwan's sagging economy amid the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The program allows Taiwanese citizens as well as foreign spouses to purchase vouchers worth NT$3,000 (US$101) for the price of NT$1,000.

Beginning on Wednesday (July 1) pre-orders of the vouchers can be placed on the official Triple Stimulus Voucher website or at kiosks in Taiwan's four major convenience store chains. The vouchers will be distributed at all post offices and designated convenience stores on July 15, and foreign spouses can use their National Health Insurance (NHI) cards or Alien Residence Certificates (ARC) as identification when pre-ordering and purchasing the coupons.

Those who spend NT$3,000 (US$100) with their credit cards will receive a NT$2,000 deduction from the next month's bill, while users of contactless smartcards and mobile payment apps who spend NT$3,000 will see NT$2,000 worth of credit deposited into their accounts, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs website. Those who opt for one of the digital payment methods, spend NT$3,000, and receive notice of eligibility can use one of nearly 40 different types of bank cards issued by one of three banks at an ATM to receive a NT$2,000 cash reimbursement.

The vouchers can be used to make purchases at all stores as well as at art exhibitions, sporting events, travel activities, and government-approved e-commerce platforms. The cash vouchers cannot be used to pay taxes, utility fees, traffic tickets, credit card bills, National Health Insurance fees, or administrative fees or to buy cigarette products, stocks, gift cards, electronic tickets, fitness center points, food coupons, video game points, or InComm gift cards.