Deadline for filing taxes in Taiwan is today

2.21 million households eligible for NT$35.1 billion in tax refunds


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tuesday (June 30) is the last day residents of Taiwan can file their income taxes or apply for an extension after the government issued a one-month nationwide extension due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On Sunday, Finance Minister Su Jain-rong (蘇建榮) said that 5.95 million households have completed their income tax returns, representing 95 percent of the 6.3 million households that filed taxes last year, reported CNA. However, Su said 350,000 households have yet to file their tax returns.

In terms of tax refunds, Su said that in response to the epidemic, the first batch of tax refunds will be deposited into accounts from June 30 to the end of July. According to a preliminary estimate by the National Taxation Bureau, 2.21 million households are eligible for a total of NT$35.1 billion (US$1.19 billion) in tax refunds.

The Ministry of Finance reminds the public that June 30 is the last day to file taxes. After the tax bureau offices close at 7 p.m., the last opportunity to file taxes will be online, and the cutoff time is 11:59 p.m.