Taipei Zoo's giant panda gives birth to second cub

Panda cub slated to make its public debut around Christmas

Newborn giant panda cub in Taipei Zoo. (Facebook, Taipei Zoo photo)

Newborn giant panda cub in Taipei Zoo. (Facebook, Taipei Zoo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei Zoo's giant panda welcomed her second baby on Sunday (June 28).

The giant panda Yuanyuan (圓圓) gave birth to her second cub You Zai (幼仔) after suffering five hours of labor pain in Taipei Zoo yesterday (Jun 28), according to the zoo's Facebook page. Yuan Zai (圓仔). Yuanyuan's first child was born in 2013.

The spokesperson for the zoo, Tsao Hsien-shao (曹先紹), said that workers had tried to let the mother panda take care of her baby, but she seemed to be very tired and lacked nursing experience, so they had to take over, reported CNA. Tsao said the cub had back injuries and was not fed until 5 hours after it was born.

However, Yuan Zai is now in good shape after treatment from the veterinarian.

Tsao further explained that the team taking care of Yuanyuan has built a strong relationship with her since 2008 and that they will breastfeed the cub artificially.

CNA said the zoo will try to publicly debut the giant panda cub around Christmas.

(Facebook, Taipei Zoo photo)