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Alcoholic monkey gets life sentence in India after attacking 250 pedestrians

Primate killed one man after booze dried up, will spend rest of life in zoo 'prison'

Alcohol-addicted monkey received 'life sentence' in India. (Pixabay photo)

Alcohol-addicted monkey received 'life sentence' in India. (Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An alcoholic monkey in northern India India has been sentenced to life behind bars after going on a rampage and injuring 250 pedestrians when his supply of booze ran out.

According to Liberty Times, the six-year-old pet monkey, Kalua, received a life sentence of solitary confinement at India's Kanpur Zoo earlier this week after he indiscriminately attacked people across the Mirzapur district, resulting in one death. Many of the victims, primarily women and girls, had to have plastic surgery to repair the bite wounds left by the simian.

Local authorities said Kalua was formerly owned by an "occultist" who routinely supplied him liquor to drink, which turned him into an alcoholic. They said the monkey became very aggressive three years ago when his owner died and left him no avenue to acquire more alcohol.

Mohd Nasir, a veterinarian at Kanpur Zoo, told the media that the zoo staff had placed Kalua in isolation after his capture but that they had not observed any change in the primate's aggressive behavior. He added that the zookeepers had hoped to calm Kalua with a vegetarian diet but were unsuccessful.

Nasir pointed out that the monkey had tried to attack female zookeepers as well as monkeys who shared the same cell with him. As a result, he said the zoo had decided to isolate Kalua for the rest of his life since he would likely strike again if let loose, reported ETtoday.

Updated : 2021-10-16 19:54 GMT+08:00