New Taiwan graduates average 6 percent job acceptance rate

Taiwan companies spend on average less than 18 minutes making hiring decisions in interviews

Taiwan's graduates face the challenge of a low job acceptance rate. 

Taiwan's graduates face the challenge of a low job acceptance rate.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — New Taiwan graduates have just a 6 percent acceptance rate when applying for their first job, while most companies spend less than 18 minutes on average to determine whether to make a hire.

According to a recent poll conducted by Taiwan's online job bank Yes123, only 41.4 percent of the resumes uploaded on the website are considered "acceptable." The poll results showed that companies are most dissatisfied with applicants who do not provide complete general information, personal photos, or use the same resumes for job vacancies in different fields.

As many as 95.6 percent of corporations indicated they would invite applicants who provided photos to interviews first.

Yes123 spokesman Yang Tsung-bin (楊宗斌) pointed out in an interview Friday (June 19) the majority of employers want to gain a better understanding of their candidates before engaging in a face-to-face interaction. He added that applicants should always pursue the principle of professionalism, instead of being over the top in their interview application photos.

Meanwhile, the poll showed that companies spend an average of 17.8 minutes to make hiring decisions. They do not usually discover an ideal candidate before meeting 16.7 first-time job seekers.

The survey also found that smiling during interviews greatly improves the chance of an applicant's employment rate. Pretending to be knowledgeable had an opposite effect.

Yang stressed that Taiwan's job market has been quite competitive and that fresh graduates should highlight their strengths by providing examples of real-life challenges they have conquered. He said clean, appropriate attire and timeliness should also be kept in mind when preparing for a job interview, reported CNA.

The poll was conducted via online questionnaires between May 28 and June 11. A total of 992 valid responses were gathered. The poll has a 95 percent confidence rating, with a 3.11 percent margin of error.