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Chinese fighter jet menaces Taiwan for 6th time in 10 days

Taiwan Air Force wards off Chengdu J-10 fighter jet after it enters ADIZ

Chengdu J-10 fighter jet. 

Chengdu J-10 fighter jet.  (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Chinese fighter jet approached Taiwan's airspace at noon on Friday (June 19), according to the Ministry of National Defense's Air Force Command Headquarters, the sixth time in 10 days a Chinese warplane has neared the country.

At noon on Friday, a Chengdu J-10 was detected entering Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ), reported CNA. After being met with a Taiwanese air reconnaissance patrol aircraft, the plane departed Taiwan's ADIZ.

This incident marks the sixth time since June 9 that Chinese military aircraft have violated Taiwan's ADIZ. Most of these recent episodes have occurred at the southwest corner of Taiwan's ADIZ.

In a press release issued by Air Force Command Headquarters, the warplane entered the zone at noon on Friday. The Air Force responded by issuing a warning to the aircraft and dispatched an aerial reconnaissance and patrol aircraft to intercept it.

The previous five incidents included: Several Su-30 fighter jets on June 9, a Shaanxi Y-8 transport plane on June 12, a J-10 on June 16, a J-10 and a Y-8 on June 17, and a J-10 and a Shenyang J-11 on June 18.