Chinese military massing near Himalayan border

Satellite images appear to show Chinese troops, military equipment, machinery in Galwan Valley

HawkEye360 analysis of Planet Labs' satellite photos (HawkEye360 photo)

HawkEye360 analysis of Planet Labs' satellite photos (HawkEye360 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Recent satellite photos appear to show that China has transported construction machinery and military equipment to the Sino-Indian border in the Galwan Valley, where a serious conflict broke out Monday evening (June 15).

The images, shot by Planet Labs on Tuesday (June 16), just a day after soldiers engaged in a bloody hand-to-hand skirmish in the Galwan Valley, show an increase in activity from a week earlier, according to Reuters.

NewTalk reported that at least 200 military vehicles have assembled in the area, along with more Chinese troops. In addition, the photos suggest the Chinese may have built a mountain road and dammed a river.

Officials from India reported they have authorized emergency military powers to combat any Chinese aggression in the region.

HawkEye 360, a radio frequency data analytics company, analyzed Planet Labs’ photos and confirmed the massing of Chinese military trucks, tents, and other machinery in the valley. It suggested the Chinese may have been doing so as early as May 29.

These satellite photos come after India and China agreed to ease regional tensions. India TV reported 76 Indian troops injured in the clash on Monday are recovering well and will return to their unit within 15 days.

Updated : 2021-01-22 21:55 GMT+08:00