Taiwan cult leader bilks 237 'virgins' and followers out of NT$80 million

Taiwan cult leader cons adherents into creating 'space shuttle,' claims singing cures coronavirus

Hsu Chao Cheng (Little Dragon Fan Group website)

Hsu Chao Cheng (Little Dragon Fan Group website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Police on Tuesday (June 16) arrested the leader of a cult political party who created a special class for over 200 "virgins" and bilked members out of at least NT$80 million through cons such as creating a "space shuttle" and claims that his singing can cure coronavirus.

Hsu Chao Cheng (徐浩城), 67, calls himself "Little Dragon" (少龍) and is the honorary chairman of Chinese Chung Cheng Party (CHCC). He was arrested for committing fraud in the name of religion, with NT$80 million in cash seized on the spot, according to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB).

Hsu allegedly also set up a "fairy class" for 237 "virgins" who ranged in age between 20 to 30. He allegedly used spiritual cultivation as a reason to commit sexual assaults and take their virginity.

As fears over the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) grew, Hsu claimed he could cure the disease by listening to him sing and joining his party. After receiving a complaint on March 14 by a follower who alleged they had been defrauded of NT$10 million, the CIB began an investigation.

Cover for one of Hsu Chao Cheng's CDs. (www.少龍粉絲團.tw)

Hsu also asked believers to watch the Nicolas Cage film "Knowing," and declared the Earth would be destroyed. He then conned his followers into donating him NT$6 million to construct a "space shuttle" in the temple, which could take them to outer space.

However, the promised "space shuttle," turned out to be a plastic model. Police said the temple, which is located near Xinglong Road in Taipei's Wenshan District, is a five-story building with Hsu's residence located on the top floor.

In his special "fairy class," Hsu required participants to take "the oath of the palace maids," which stated that members "devote their lives as brides of the Supreme Lord." Then, taking advantage of the awe his female believers had in him and the indoctrination of quasi-religious teachings, he is suspected of committing compulsory indecency.

Hsu Hsu Chao Cheng is escorted by CIB officers. (CNA photo)

Once they joined the class, the women were not allowed to contact their relatives and friends. Some of the members complained that he fondled their breasts and french kissed them.

Others claimed that he tried to take their virginity under the guise of spiritual cultivation. In some cases, members avoided a sexual assault because he was impotent.

Three members of the "fairy class" have come forward to press charges. Hsu, along with another suspect identified as Li Mei-hua (李美華), are being investigated by Taipei District Prosecutor's Office on charges of fraud, committing offenses against sexual autonomy (妨害性自主), and violating the Physician's Act (醫師法).

Hsu is escorted by CIB officers. (CNA photo)

Items seized from temple include cash and "space shuttle." (CNA photo)