Taiwan teen leaps on car hood to stop father's mistress

Encouraged by mother, video shows teen clinging to car windshield of father's mistress in S. Taiwan

Woman clinging to windshield of car. (Facebook, Breaking News Commune screenshots)

Woman clinging to windshield of car. (Facebook, Breaking News Commune screenshots)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Thursday (June 18) showing a young woman clinging to a car as it roars down a road in southern Taiwan.

On Thursday afternoon (June 18), as temperatures soared to 33 degrees Celsius, video surfaced of a young woman in shorts clinging to the windshield of a white hatchback as it drove erratically down Zhongzheng Road in Kaohsiung. The car, which had dents and scrapes from a recent collision, stopped and started erratically, in an apparent attempt to shake the woman off.

According to police, a female motorist surnamed Tsai (蔡) in her 40s, with a 19-year-old daughter at her side, gave chase to a woman in her 30s surnamed Chang (張), who she suspected of being her husband's mistress, reported TVBS. Tsai followed Chang so closely that she rammed into her vehicle.

(Facebook, Breaking News Commune screenshot)

Tsai tried to speak to the alleged mistress, but she refused to stay at the scene of the accident. As Chang prepared to drive away, Tsai told her daughter to get out and stop the woman.

Tsai's daughter then climbed onto the hood of the woman's car, but Chang hit the pedal to the metal and the teen soon found herself clinging for dear life on the windshield. Chang continued to drive with the teen on the windshield for approximately 500 meters before coming to a screeching halt at the intersection of Shidai Boulevard and Zhongshan Road.

At 4 p.m. that afternoon, a member of Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) posted video of the young woman clinging to the car and wrote, "What are they doing? Isn't it hot?" In the video, the car can be seen coming to a halt, before reaccelerating and barreling down the road.

(Facebook, Breaking News Commune screenshot)

Once the car finally comes to a stop, Tsai rushed over, her nemesis got out of her car, and the two began to wrestle. Police said that when they arrived at the scene, the two were still grappling with each other.

Police said the women's injuries were minor but both parties are pressing charges for physical assault and damage to their vehicles.