Taiwan police seize 3 tons of drug 'meow meow'

Stimulant has taken off in popularity in Taiwan over past few years

Drugs confiscated by police

Drugs confiscated by police (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On May 18 Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) seized about three tons of ingredients used for the illegal drug Mephedrone at Taichung Port and arrested four suspects.

Mephedrone, nicknamed "meow meow" or "bubble," has been one of the most popular drugs in Taiwan in recent years. People usually mix mephedrone with various other drugs into coffee sachets, and it is rumored to be difficult to detect through urine analysis.

Classified as a stimulant, Mephedrone can lead to feelings of ecstasy but can also trigger paranoia, heart palpitations, and damage to the nasal passages. It is a purely recreational drug with no medicinal use.

According to the CIB, the agency confiscated about 62,000 coffee sachets mixed with narcotics in 2018 and 102,000 in 2019. The tremendous profits generated by this easily-distributed contraband induced the smugglers to import the ingredient 2-Bromo-4-methylpropiop henone for domestic production, which led to the recent seizure in Taichung, The Storm Media reported.

Following their success at the port, police seized 528 kilograms of narcotic ingredients at a warehouse in Changhua County belonging to the smugglers. The total market value of the confiscated ingredients was NT$7 billion (US$236 million).