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Taiwan's Quincy Davis 'disgusted' by Wackyboys blackface pranks

American-born Taiwanese basketball player Quincy Davis says blackface 'not a game'

(YouTube, Wackyboys screenshot, Instagram, @q.davis3 screenshot)

(YouTube, Wackyboys screenshot, Instagram, @q.davis3 screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Despite a public backlash against a blackface performance last month, a trio of popular Taiwanese YouTubers posted another video of themselves committing pranks while in blackface, prompting an American-born Taiwanese basketball star to criticize their actions as "disgusting."

Wackyboys, a group of Taiwanese YouTubers who have 1.45 million subscribers, on May 31 posted a video of themselves spoofing the Ghana coffin dance — in blackface. As complaints began to mount, the group finally took down the videos and photos on Tuesday (June 2), and a group member surnamed Sun (孫) left a comment on Instagram in which he claimed he had deleted the posts.

Despite ongoing protests in the U.S. over racial injustices and a local Black Lives Matter rally over the weekend, the group on Monday (June 15) posted a new video showing them applying brown and black makeup to their faces before going out and performing the coffin dance on the streets of Taipei again.

Taiwan's Quincy Davis 'disgusted' by Wackyboys blackface pranks
Wackyboys in blackface. (YouTube, Wackyboys screenshot)

This time, the trio approached strangers and invited them to join in. At one point, a Westerner even takes a selfie with the three as they are in full blackface and fist bumps them to congratulate them on their deed.

Taiwan's Quincy Davis 'disgusted' by Wackyboys blackface pranks
Davis' comment in English. (Instagram, @q.davis3 screenshot)

One hour after the video had been posted on Instagram, Quincy Davis III, who is of African-American heritage but is now a naturalized Taiwanese citizen playing in the Super Basketball League, harshly criticized the post. In his comment, Davis wrote "This is disgusting!" and "Black face is not a game!"

Amid the recent deaths of two African men, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, at the hands of police, Davis wrote "Black people are being Killed Everyday because of the color of their skin! Shame on you!" Davis then took a screen capture of the post and wrote: "Taiwan is this who we are?"

Taiwan's Quincy Davis 'disgusted' by Wackyboys blackface pranks
Davis' comment in Chinese. (Instagram, @q.davis3 screenshot)

In Chinese, Davis wrote that the video was not funny and that he "feels sadness and pain for black friends who are suffering in the U.S." He said that the repeated performance of blackface made him feel "really disappointed with the ignorance of these people!"

Davis called out the Wackyboys and asked them if they understood the situation of black people in America. He closed by exclaiming, "They are being killed!"

Wackyboys have yet to respond to a request for comment on the incident from Taiwan News.

Updated : 2022-05-28 22:40 GMT+08:00