Two Taichung bikeways selected among best cycling routes in Taiwan

Sports Administration held online vote in spring to select Taiwan’s best cycling routes

(Taichung City Government photo)

(Taichung City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two bikeways in Taichung City — the Tanyashen Green Bikeway (潭雅神綠園道) and Qingshui bikeway system (清水自行車道系統) — have been selected in an online vote as two of the dozen best bikeways in Taiwan.

In order to market the nation's bike paths, the Sports Administration (SA) held a vote this spring to select the country's best cycling routes. The vote excluded the top 10 cycling routes selected in 2015, including the Sun Moon Lake Bikeway, Dongshan River Bikeway, Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way, and Hou-Feng Bikeway.

Built along the old Shengang military railway, the flat Tanyashen Green Bikeway starts from Tanzi District's Zhongshan Road, traverses Shengang District, and ends at the Zhongke Park in Daya District, according to Taichung Travel Net.

The cycling route is full of pleasant greenery and there are many spots for cyclists to stop and rest or take photos, including S-shaped curves, the Paper Museum, Zhaixing Villa (摘星山莊), Xiaoyun Villa (筱雲山莊), and Taichung Metropolitan Park.

At the end of the route are three 22-meter terrazzo slides and sandpits, making it ideal for family outings, according to the Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau (TTB).

The Qingshui bikeway system includes the Wufuzhen Bicycle Trail (五福圳自行車道), Linhai Rd. Bikeway (臨海路自行車道), the Gaomei section of the coastal bike path (濱海自行車道), and Lingang N. Rd. bikeway (臨港北路自行車道). The bikeway connects numerous attractions, including the Zhao Family Ancestral Residence (趙家古厝), Aofong Mountain Sports Park (鰲峰山運動公園), Niumatou Cultural Park (牛罵頭遺址文化園區), the Zi Yun Yan temple (紫雲巖), and Qingshui Ghost Cave (清水鬼洞).

The TTB suggests the Qingshui bikeway system for its lotus flowers in the summer, old houses, passing trains, and the sunset at Gaomei Wetland.

(Taichung City Government photos)

(五福圳自行車道 Facebook photo)

(Taichung City Government photos)

(五福圳自行車道 Facebook video)