Thailand considers travel bubble with Taiwan

Government will only open travel to countries proved to have contained coronavirus pandemic

Visitors entering a Bangkok shopping mall 

Visitors entering a Bangkok shopping mall  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Thailand has in principle agreed to establish travel bubbles with countries able to show they can contain the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, reports said Friday (June 12).

While the Thai media did not immediately name any countries, the list is believed to include Taiwan as well as China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, CNA reported. According to the Bangkok Post, each side would have to set health screening standards for arriving visitors.

Thailand has had no domestic transmissions for 17 days, with the number of imported cases mostly in single figures. However, at present, international flights are banned from arriving in the country, with only domestic flights available.

The government reportedly wanted to wait until there had been no domestic infections for 28 days before taking the next step. A curfew and an alcohol ban were the latest measures approved to be lifted after the weekend, though bars would remain closed and social distancing would have to be observed on public transport and at most venues.