China's 'I can't breathe' video falsely flagged as Taiwanese police

2018 video of Chinese cop in Shenzhen kneeling on woman's neck used by pro-China propagandists to smear police in Taiwan

(Internet video screengrab photo)

(Internet video screengrab photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video footage of a Chinese-looking police officer kneeling on a woman's neck has been reposted on a variety of social media platforms in the Philippines, along with the false claim it took part in Taiwan.

The disturbing footage shows a Chinese police officer in a black uniform kneeling with all his might on a young woman with long hair who screams for help.

The incident occurred in China's Shenzhen in 2018. The victim later accused the police officer of abuse of power after the woman requested a copy of the surveillance video, which shows a quarrel between her and a building's security guard.

The Chinese woman identified as "WeChat Early Autumn" (微信初秋) gave her account in a Weibo blog on Dec. 9, 2018, the day after the footage of the assault taken by her companions went viral. She said that after rejecting her request to watch the footage, the police officer dragged her to a bench and then dug his knee into her neck for approximately one minute.

After this, the officer pushed the woman to the ground and shouted "get out!" The woman gasped in horror and then managed to get up off her knees with the assistance of a female companion.

The woman showed pictures of bruises on her face, allegedly caused by the police officer. She posted again later that day claiming the case had been solved and that she would not be pursuing it any further.

The nearly two-year-old footage, however, seems to have become Chinese propaganda as the country milks the George Floyd protests sweeping the U.S. Some pro-China social media accounts have reposted the video and labeled it as "U.S. Trained Taiwan Police," in an attempt to falsely frame Taiwanese law enforcement.

Abuse of power by Chinese police has been covered by Chinese media from time to time, including a Shanghai police officer knocking a woman with a toddler to the ground during a row over parking in 2017; while three Chinese police officers in Shanxi were accused of beating a woman to death in a pay dispute in 2015.

Chinese police officer kneels on young Chinese woman's neck who screams for help (WARNING: This content may be disturbing to some viewers).