Taiwan's Greenray Theatre Company resumes stage play performance

Play entitled 'Human Condition VI' resumed on Tuesday after two months of being postponed

The factory of Taiwan's Greenray Theatre Company got burned down (Greenray Theatre Company photo)

The factory of Taiwan's Greenray Theatre Company got burned down (Greenray Theatre Company photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After being impeded by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and a large fire, Taiwan's Greenray Theatre Company finally launched its popular performance "Human Condition VI" on Tuesday (Jun 9).

A major fire had burned down the warehouses of Taiwan's Paper Wind Mill Theatre (紙風車劇團) and Greenray Theatre Company (綠光劇團) last Saturday morning (June 6). Estimated losses, including costumes and brand new equipment, reached up to NT$50 million (USD$1.6 million), according to the theaters' founders.

Greenray Theatre Company stated that their upcoming stage play has been postponed since April due to the pandemic. However, just as it was about to resume the performance, the fire blazed through its warehouse and burned down all the props, the company said.

Lee Yong-fong (李永豐), the director of Paper Wind Mill Theatre and producer of the play, stated they will rebuild the play's sets and props and assured the public that the show will not be canceled again. "This time, we will keep our promises with the audience," he exclaimed.

Lee said "Human Condition VI" will go on as scheduled in Aug. at the National Theater in Taipei. Tickets were released Tuesday (Jun 9) and 70 percent of them have already been sold.

The famed director and actor of the play, Wu Nien-jen (吳念真), said he is comforted knowing the tickets sold well on the first day. He added that as long as the theater staff sticks together, its problems will be solved one by one.

Wu expressed his gratitude over the NT$3 million (USD$100,000) in donations they have received from the public, but stated, "we want to try to solve the problems on our own first." Rather than making donations, Wu strongly advised supporters to buy tickets and go to the show.

"Human Condition VI" will tour in Taipei from Aug. 28 to 30, Taichung and Kaohsiung in Oct., and then end in Tainan. For more information, please visit the theater's official website.

Wu Nien-jen (middle) is the director and actor of "Human Condition VI" (Taiwan News photo)