TRTC pursues legal action against YouTuber showing how to cheat Taipei MRT turnstile

Violators of Article 50 of Mass Rapid Transit Act can be fined up to NT$4,500

(TRTC photo)

(TRTC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) on Monday (June 8) condemned the behavior of a YouTuber who in a video showed how to ride the Taipei MRT without buying a ticket, referring the case to the police for investigation as well as possible criminal prosecution.

After learning of the existence of the video Monday morning (June 8), the TRTC immediately reported it to YouTube and asked for it to be taken down. The TRTC also reviewed surveillance footage at the station where the incident took place and reported the case to the Taipei City Police Department's Rapid Transit Division, according to a TRTC press release.

The video showed the YouTuber closely following another passenger through a fare gate and pretending to put his purse close to the sensor. The video also showed him asking to use the toilet at the station and then slipping onto the platform to take the train.

The TRTC said the YouTuber's violated Article 50 of the Mass Rapid Transit Act, which prohibits passengers from taking the MRT without going through ticket checking procedure and entering or exiting stations through undesignated areas. Violators can be fined up to NT$4,500 (US$150). Article 49 stipulates against passengers riding the MRT without tickets or using invalid or fraudulent tickets. Violators will be asked to buy the ticket and be fined 50 times the original fare.