People with names containing ‘turtle’ free to join trip to Taiwan’s Turtle Island

Local Yilan man, entertainer Tsai Gui among those speculated to be eligible for tour

Turtle Island (Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration photo)

Turtle Island (Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Does your name contain the character for "turtle" (龜)? If it does, you are eligible to visit Turtle Island off the coast of Taiwan's Yilan County on Aug. 1 without having to buy a ticket.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Turtle Island opening to tourists, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has designed activities to direct public attention toward the island, including inviting former islanders and people whose names contain the word "turtle" to join the Aug. 1 sightseeing trip for free, CNA reported Tuesday (June 9).

The news has incited curiosity as to who will present themselves to receive this honor.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau said that an elderly Yilan resident named Wu Gui-xiong (吳龜雄) is eligible. One netizen has suggested the entertainer Tsai Gui (蔡閨) may also be eligible, as her name was originally Tsai Xi-gui (蔡蠵龜).

After hearing of the speculation, Tsai, who hails from Penghu, made known on Facebook that she received her name because her father saw a green sea turtle around the time of her birth.

Chen Mei-hsiu (陳美秀), director of the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration, said that although her colleagues have invited Wu and Tsai to attend the Aug. 1 event, their participation has not been confirmed.

The director said that the free tour is open to people of all nationalities and language backgrounds so long as their names fit the bill.

Turtle Island used to be home to a number of residents, but they were relocated to the main Taiwanese island by the government, mostly to a coastal village in Toucheng Township, as the island was needed for military purposes.

The tour will have a 20-person limit.