Taiwan launches online program showcasing nation's performing arts

TaiwanEYE project features 10 videos including Peking Opera, modern dance, theater performances

'The Drought Goddess, Dream of the World' by  La Cie MaxMind

'The Drought Goddess, Dream of the World' by  La Cie MaxMind (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As New York emerges from a three-month lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Taipei Cultural Center in New York has launched an online showcase celebrating Taiwan's performing arts that coincides with the city’s reopening.

Titled TaiwanEYE, the program features 10 videos that spotlight excerpts of traditional Peking Opera, modern dance, theater, and indigenous a cappella performances by Taiwanese artists. The clips are available on YouTube from June 8 through August 31.

The performances were originally scheduled to be featured at the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) 2020 congress in Taipei organized by the C.F. Koo Foundation and the Ministry of Culture. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, resulted in the cancellation of the event, which would have seen the attendance of hundreds of art directors and curators worldwide, reported CNA.

The online program includes performances by Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre, Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Bulareyaung Dance Company, O-Kai Singers, Resident Island Dance Theatre, TAI Body Theatre, Gang-a Tsui Theater, HORSE Dance Theatre, Riverbed Theatre, and La Cie MaxMind.

With artists around the world resorting to digital platforms during the current health crisis, TaiwanEYE offers a glimpse into the vibrant scene of performing arts in the island nation. Taiwan’s National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) also arranged a series of live streaming concerts last month to “calm and soothe people’s minds” in a time of chaos.