Pompeo accuses China of exploiting George Floyd death

US secretary of state says contrast between America and China could not be more stark

Mike Pompeo speaks during press briefing on May 20, 2020, in Washington. (Nicholas Kamm/Pool Photo via AP)

Mike Pompeo speaks during press briefing on May 20, 2020, in Washington. (Nicholas Kamm/Pool Photo via AP)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday (June 6) slammed China for using the recent mass protests sparked by the death of George Floyd to justify denying Chinese citizens basic human rights.

“As with dictatorships throughout history, no lie is too obscene, so long as it serves the Party’s lust for power. This laughable propaganda should not fool anyone,” Pompeo said in a statement.

In his press statement, the secretary of state made several comparisons between the U.S. and China. If there was a church burning, he suggested, the CCP would most likely be responsible for the fire, while the U.S. would help put the fire out.

Pompeo then criticized China for attacking peaceful protestors in Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square and undermining freedom of speech by sentencing journalists to long prison terms. He said that in the U.S., rogue officers are brought to justice, while the press covers events for the entire world to see.

“In China, when citizens hold opinions that diverge from CCP dogma, the Party imprisons them in re-education camps,” Pompeo wrote. He then pointed out Beijing's attempts to suppress freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan.“In the United States, in contrast, even amidst reckless rioting, we demonstrate our robust commitment to the rule of law, transparency, and unalienable human rights.”

“Beijing in recent days has showcased its continuing contempt for the truth and scorn for law. The CCP’s propaganda efforts — seeking to conflate the United States’ actions in the wake of the death of George Floyd with the CCP’s continued denial of basic human rights and freedom — should be seen for the fraud that they are,” the secretary of state added.

Chinese state-run media organizations have been quick to criticize Washington after U.S. police were involved in violent crackdowns on protests over the past few weeks, according to Newsweek. China has accused the U.S. of a double standard by supporting anti-government protests in Hong Kong and criticizing Beijing’s record on human rights while anti-racism protests rage in the U.S., Fox News reported.