Hikers applaud reopening of trail in C. Taiwan

(Taichung City Government photo)

(Taichung City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Hikers have been applauding the reopening of the Dakeng No. 5 Trail in Taichung City ever since repair work was finished in April, following damage by torrential rains last year.

The trail goes along a ridge of the Touke Mountain system and has many lookout points along the way. Two Japanese black pines beside a pavilion located 630 meters from the trailhead have been a popular photography spot in recent years, according to a report published on Taichung Travel Net June 2.

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau Director Lin Hsiao-chi (林筱淇) said that the repair project also included Dakeng No. 4 Trail, as part of its facilities had been damaged by typhoons and torrential rains. The repair for the No. 4 trail was completed in the first half of May, and the trail has been reopened since then.

The No. 4 trail is 1,900 meters in length, which is the longest of the trails in Dakeng, and it meanders along altitudes between 470 meters and 745 meters above sea level. A challenging 300-meter stretch of a nearly vertical cliff tests hikers’ physical strength and stamina.

The No. 5 trail is 1,400 meters long and runs from north to south along altitudes between 595 and 859 meters, connecting Dakeng's No. 1 through 4 trails.

The No. 4 and No. 5 trails are located in a forest area, where there are plentiful trees and verdant vegetation. The repairs have greatly increased the comfort and safety of hikers on the two trails, said Lin, who welcomed people to come and experience nature's beauty.

The number of trails simultaneously closed for repair in the same mountain system in Taichung will be kept under two so as to ensure their continuous availability to hikers.

Currently the No. 3 and No. 7 trails are closed for repair. For more information about trail closures, please refer to this site.

(Taichung City Government photos)