Kaohsiung citizens rally before historic recall vote

Han to leave office in 7 days if at least 25% of voters agree he should be kicked out

Thousands of people take to streets in Kaohsiung to recall mayor

Thousands of people take to streets in Kaohsiung to recall mayor (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — WeCare Kaohsiung (Wecare高雄) mobilized supporters the night before the recall election Saturday (June 6) for a protest march encouraging Kaohsiung residents to vote out their mayor, Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).

Led by the so-called "Four Anti-Han Princes" — WeCare Kaohsiung founder, Aaron Yin (尹立), the initiator of the recall, Chen Kuan-jung (陳冠榮), Taiwan Statebuilding Party member Chang Po-yang (張博洋), and the spokesperson of the Citizens Mowing Action, Li I-Chieh (李佾潔) — anti-Han protestors marched from the metro's Formosa Boulevard Station all the way to Love River.

At the press conference before the parade, Chen said that despite all the mayor's attempts to stop the recall vote, Kaohsiung's citizens will have their say. Yin added the Formosa Incident was an honorable part of the city's democratic movement, which is why the parade was held there on Friday night, before marching to the place where Han held his inauguration ceremony, CNA reported.

To recall Han, more voters must vote to "agree" than "disagree." The total number of "agree" votes needs to pass 574,996, that is, 25 percent of Kaohsiung's eligible voters.

Meanwhile, the mayor uploaded a video on his Facebook page Friday, showing his appreciation for the team that has worked with him over the past one and a half years. He praised his three deputy mayors as well as the directors of departments at city hall.

"No matter what result we receive from the recall vote, I hope everyone can wholeheartedly accept it," Han said.