New Taipei offers free water sports experiences for over 2,500 people

New 2 day 1-night Shuangxi canoeing camp added to this year’s program

(New Taipei City Sports Office photo)

(New Taipei City Sports Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — New Taipei City's Sports Office has announced that it will offer free water sports experience camps in the summer, including surfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), canoeing, water skiing, and rowing.

The office said that registration for participating in the camps began on Wednesday (June 3) and will stop when the capacity is reached, CNA reported.

Canoeing, rowing, and water skiing experience camps will be held at the Breeze Canal in Luzhou District, while surfing and SUP camps are to be held at Zhongjiao Bay in Jinshan, according to the sports office.

A new 2 day 1-night Shuangxi canoeing camp has been added to this year's program. Participants will canoe down the scenic Shuangxi River to its estuary in Gongliao.

There will be water sports experience camps every week from July 4 to Aug. 9, the office said, adding that participants, whether they are beginners or children, should be able to get the hang of the water sports quickly under the guidance of professional coaches.

For registration and further information, please refer to this website.

(New Taipei City Sports Office photo)