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Foreign residents can now use Taiwan's EasyCard Wallet

Taiwan's EasyCard Wallet can now register foreigners with their ARC cards

(EasyCard website image)

(EasyCard website image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As of last Friday (May 29), foreign residents of Taiwan can now use the EasyCard Wallet app on their phones.

The digital payment app enables users to bind their EasyCard to their Easy Wallets to automatically recharge the card and manage card information. With the app, users can scan QR codes to make payments, receive payments, wire funds, and make online payments.

Like an EasyCard, the Easy Wallet can be used to pay for public transportation, such as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses, YouBikes, and Danhai light rail trains in Taipei and New Taipei City. In addition, the digital wallet can be used to pay water bills, parking fees, and medical expenses at Taipei hospitals.

The app was first made available to the public in January of this year, but foreign users reported that they were unable to complete their registration information in the app. EasyCard Corporation in March said that it would make modifications to enable Taiwan's over 700,000 foreign residents to also use the app.

On May 29, the company announced in its Apple and Google app stores that it had added a function to enable foreign nationals who hold Alien Resident Certificates (ARC's) to activate the app. After downloading the app, users will see the option to register the EasyCard Wallet as a button, with the words 立即開通悠遊付 (register EasCar now) appearing.

After clicking on the button, a new screen will appear showing terms and conditions. To move to the next screen, click the blue button at the bottom which reads "我已經詳閱並同意以上條款" (I have read and agreed to the above terms).

The next screen will ask for an ID number. The default setting for this screen is for Taiwanese citizens, so foreign residents must click the blue link on the upper right-hand corner which reads "居留證驗證" (ARC validation). In the next screen that appears, select whether the ID is a "一般居留證" (regular ARC) or a "永久居留證" (Alien Permanent Resident Card).

After filling out all of the required information, click the camera icons to take photos of the front and back of the ARC. After adding the ARC photos, click "下一步" (next step).

The last screen will provide a readout of all the information provided, and after confirming its accuracy, click the blue button at the bottom which reads "驗證" (Verify). Staff will then verify the information and notify the user when the registration process has been complete and the app is ready for use.

Those wishing to download the EasyCard Wallet can do so at the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information on the app is available on the Easy Wallet website.

Updated : 2022-05-20 08:52 GMT+08:00