Photo of the Day: Agong's house in S. Taiwan

Animator uses Animal Crossing to create scene of grandfather's home in Pingtung, Taiwan

(Instagram user Yasai_Draws illustration)

(Instagram user Yasai_Draws illustration)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese-Canadian animator posted this nostalgic mockup of the living room in the home of his Agong (阿公, Taiwanese Hokkien for grandfather) in southern Taiwan.

The artist, who works as a story artist in the animation industry and goes by the Instagram handle Yasai_Draws, says he created the illustration because he misses his grandfather and his home in Taiwan's Pingtung County. He told Taiwan News that he currently resides in Canada and created the image using the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons during a bout of homesickness on Monday (June 1).

After sharing the image on the social media site Reddit on Wednesday morning (June 3), it quickly gained 700 upvotes and 37 comments within 11 hours. Many users shared his sense of nostalgia for their grandparents in parts of southern Taiwan where Taiwanese Hokkien is still widely spoken.

Many complimented his attention to detail, such as the ubiquitous tea set and an antique green phone perched beneath a new flatscreen TV, accentuating the clash between old and new. Of particular note, on the back wall hangs a conical bamboo hat and straw rain cape that was traditionally worn by Taiwanese farmers before plastic raincoats were introduced.

(Instagram user Yasai_Draws illustration)