KMT politician defends S. Taiwan mayor ahead of recall vote

Chu Li-lun says county, city leaders should be judged based on first-term performance

Former Kuomintang Chairman Chu Li-lun

Former Kuomintang Chairman Chu Li-lun (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — With the recall vote of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) set to take place on Saturday (June 6), former Kuomintang Chairman Chu Li-lun (朱立倫) defended him.

Chu said via Facebook on Tuesday (June 3) that the benchmark to scrutinize the performance of county heads and city mayors should be four years. He added that people should judge a politician's achievements after their first term rather than seek their ouster due to political considerations, CNA reported.

Chu urged Kaohsiung residents to respect the result of the recall vote and follow the rule of law. He said that he did not want to see political confrontation after the vote.

Chu said the Kaohsiung City Government is a team that gets things done, listing the three deputy mayors Li Sih-chuan (李四川), Yeh Kuang-shi (葉匡時), and Chen Shiong-wen (陳雄文); as well as bureau heads Chao Shao-lien (趙紹廉), Wang Chiu-tung (王秋冬), Tsao Huanrong (曹桓榮), Li Rongwei (李戎威), and Zheng Zhaoxin (鄭照新). He said they are all professional and earnest talents.

He suggested the people of Kaohsiung would understand that the Han administration has been trying to accomplish great things. He also hoped residents would give the mayor the opportunity to fight further for Kaohsiung.