Foreigners stranded in Taiwan by coronavirus allowed to extend visas

Foreign visitors must meet one of five criteria to apply for visa extension

(National Immigration Agency photo)

(National Immigration Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has announced five conditions under which foreigners will be allowed to apply for a visa extension during the coronavirus pandemic.

The following foreign visitors are eligible to apply as long as they have stayed in Taiwan for 180 days:

  • Those unable to return to their countries due to flight disruptions
  • Couples who have registered for their marriage license, including same-sex couples in which a partner's country has not legalized same-sex marriage, or those with a parent or child who has legal residency or holds an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
  • Those who entered Taiwan on a foreign passport but have legal residency in the country
  • Those the authorities deem need to extend their stay
  • Those deemed to have other justifiable reasons

Applications can be submitted at NIA service centers, with eligible individuals to be granted an additional 30-day stay for each extension. Required documents include service disruption certification from air carriers and identity documentation for the applicants and above-mentioned relatives.